How To Lose Weight
Once And For All

Learn The Secrets To Getting Healthy, Increasing Confidence & Feeling Great 

So You Look Amazing, Are Full Of Energy & Never Feel

Defeated Again When It Comes To Losing Weight!

This Programme Is For You If You...

  • Feel out of control round food, so your good intentions of the morning fall by the wayside during the day

  • Have followed diet plans successfully in the past only to put the weight back on (and more)

  • Are sick and tired of schemes and programmes that require spending vast amounts of money and following strange regimes

  • Feel that there has to be a better way

Introducing An All-New Programme

By Weight Loss Guru Pete Cohen, Specifically Designed To Help You​

  • Re-programme your mind to think yourself thin for good! You’re guaranteed to lose weight and keep it off for good.

  • Eliminate binge eating & finally break the yo-yo dieting cycle that is holding you back.

  • Drop multiple jean or dress sizes.

  • Change your habits round food/exercise, increase mindset & achieve sustained lasting weight loss.  

  • An exciting new approach to break you free of the dieting trap and make lasting changes in your life, to become slimmer, fitter and healthier.

This Is Not A Short-Term Fix 

This Is A Lifestyle And Mindset Change. You’ll Be Empowered With Lifelong Skills That Will Educate And Hard Wire You So You’ll Get The Body And Transformation You've Always Wanted.


  • 20 Online Coaching Videos

    Hosted by world-renowned coach, Pete Cohen, to give you the tools, techniques and mindset you need to change your life.

  • Private Facebook Group

    where you can share your journey and learn from others in this amazing community. 

  • Comprehensive Worksheet

    to guide you every step of the way, with coaching exercises and helpful tools,  plus a wall chart to plan your journey. 

  • Books, Meditations & More

    including recipes, interviews with other experts, meal planners and further training. 

WARNING! This Is Not A Diet

That is the whole point of the Mi365 Weight Loss Challenge – to free you from diets and food plans and to allow you to make you own plans instead! It works because it isn’t a diet or a scheme. This is an online coaching programme to put you in control and change your relationship with food, exercise and healthy living for good. If you like to have a fixed plan of what you can eat and when, you’ll find that creating it for yourself based on what you like and your life is going to work far better for you than any scheme that sone else has developed. 

Some Of Our Success Stories

"I've Lost 35lb In Weight"

Jenny Readings

"I've Lost 21lb In 6 Months"

Janet Summerscales

"I've Lost 44 Inches & 42lb"

Sophia Best

"I've Lost 84lb"

Cate Caruth

Check Out These Incredible Results!

Inside The Mi365 Weight Loss Challenge You’ll Discover:

  • How to get super clear on what you want your body to look and feel like, and how to go about getting exactly that.

  • The best way to boost your willpower round food so you AVOID snacking on sugary foods, sweets and drinks.

  • Why laying the foundations for your success is so important, so you achieve optimal health and weight loss.

  • How to sidestep any obstacles and challenges you may face on your weight loss journey, so you achieve the lasting results you’ve always wanted and permanent weight loss success.

  • How to integrate and install good habits you have learned into your everyday life to bring about permanent change.

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Join The Weight Loss Guru Challenge Today

For a Single, One-off Payment, You Get ALL of This... FOR LIFE!

  • 7 Weight Loss Challenges

    You’ll be able to watch these short videos on the topics that REALLY make a difference to weight loss and understand the steps you need to take to make lasting change. 

    (Value £997)

  • 7 Powerful Tools

    • Interviews 
    • Meditations 
    • Downloads 
    • Demonstrations 

    Each tool will help you take on a whole new perspective to becoming slimmer, fitter and healthier. Each one will be explained in a short video and then you’ll be able to decide which tools to use when and access the additional material that supports them. 

    (Value £400)

  • Comprehensive Worksheet

    A Comprehensive Worksheet to guide your journey, plus a wall chart for you to use as you embark on this challenge. 

    (Value £400)

  • Access Our Facebook Group

    Access to The Mi365 Weight Loss Challenge Facebook Group, which includes live broadcasts from me, Pete Cohen, and other health and fitness experts. 

    (Value £200)

The Mi365 Weight Loss Challenge Includes Coaching, Books, Worksheets And Other Tools Worth £1997. You Can Have It For £197. 


If You Sign Up In The Next 24 Hours, I Will Slash Another £100 Off The Price

Just £97 For Lifetime Access. 


Frequently Asked Questions About
The Mi365 Weight Loss Challenge

If you’ve read this far, you’re serious, but there could be a few thoughts
running through your mind. Things like...

How much time do I need to commit to the Weight Loss Challenge?

Can I follow this if I’m on medication or have health issues?  

Are there additional materials I can buy to support my journey?

I can’t do exercise – will this work for me?

Once I’ve bought the programme, is there any additional support? Or am I on my own?

With your membership you will be given access to the Mi365 Weight Loss Challenge Facebook Group where you will be able to share your journey with others also taking the Mi365 Weight Loss Challenge. Your coach, Pete Cohen, will broadcast live in the Group. There will also be additional support provided through the Facebook group and added to the Membership site.

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