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Have a look at some of our most recent success stories from people who are on the Weight Loss Guru programme. They have not only lost weight and kept it off but also are healthier, happier and more confident.

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Maybe you just want to get back into your favourite jeans. Or you want to get fit enough to keep up with your kids. Perhaps you've struggled with comfort eating for years? Pete can help you, just as he's helped thousands of people across the world to lose weight and to feel great.

Pete will support you as you break your old habits, develop a healthy relationship with your food, and lose weight. This isn't about counting calories, or feeling deprived. It's about re-programming your mind, so you'll think and eat like a naturally slim person. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to lose weight.

The Weight Loss Guru slimming program is easy-to-use; you'll do it from home, in your own time, and with the support of Pete and our community of members across the world.